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Extract of Rules and Restrictions from
Villas at Stratford Place Bylaws

Links below are to help you search quickly by topic, bringing you to the rule you seek in the line or paragraph at the top of the page. Use back arrow to return. To avoid legal quibbles we have not summarized or simplified original wordings. Instead we have inserted words in parenthesis and blue to identify a topic. This is an informal guide -- refer to deed and amendments directly when in doubt.

If you do not see the topic you want listed, use your browser's word search function (Control "F"). If the exact topic is not defined in the Bylaws, it may, for example, come under "General Aesthetics", which may require a Board decision on the proper interpretation.

NOTE: Some issues pertaining to building trim, color, etc., are not defined in Master Deed or Bylaws and may need to be referred on a case by case basis. As a guide, exterior trim and color should be in keeping.


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Alterations and Modifications. No Co-owner shall make alterations in exterior appearance or make structural modifications to his Unit (including interior walls through or in which there exist easements for support or utilities) or make changes in any of the Common Elements, Limited or General, without the express written approval of the Board of Directors, including, without limitation, exterior painting or the erection of antennas, lights, ... flags, awnings, doors, shutters, newspaper holders, mailboxes, basketball backboards or other exterior attachments or modifications.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, the following types of antenna may be installed, subject to reasonable conditions . . . dish antennas one meter or less in diameter and traditional stick-type antenna.

No Co-owner shall in any way restrict access to any plumbing, water line, water line valves, water meter, sprinkler system valves or any other element that must be accessible to service the Common Elements or any element which affects an Association responsibility in any way. It shall be permissible for Co-owners to cause to be installed television antennas in the attic areas above Units; providing, however, that any damage or expense to the Common Elements or to the Association resulting from such installation shall be borne by the Co-owner performing or authorizing such installation. Should access to any facilities of any sort be required, the Association may remove any coverings or attachments of any nature that restrict such access and will have no responsibility for repairing, replacing or reinstalling any materials, whether or not installation thereof has been approved hereunder, that are damaged in the course of gaining such access, nor shall the Association be responsible for monetary damages of any sort arising out of actions taken to gain necessary access.

Further, nothing shall be installed or housed in any attic that exceeds 20 pounds per square foot.

Activities. No unlawful or offensive activity shall be carried on in any Unit or upon the Common Elements, Limited or General, nor shall anything be done which may be or become an annoyance or a nuisance to the Co-owners of the Condominium.

(Noise) No unreasonably noisy activity shall occur in or on the Common Elements or in any Unit at any time and disputes among Co-owners, arising as a result of this provision which cannot be amicably resolved, shall be arbitrated by the Association.

Insurance Compliance: No Co-owner shall do or permit anything to be done or keep or permit to be kept in his Unit or on the Common Elements anything that will increase the rate of insurance on the Condominium without the written approval of the Association, and each Co-owner shall pay to the Association the increased cost of insurance premiums resulting from any such activity or the maintenance of any such condition even if approved.

Firearms, etc. Activities which are deemed offensive and are expressly prohibited include, but are not limited to, the following: Any activity involving the use of firearms, air rifles, pellet guns, B-B guns, bows and arrows, or other similar dangerous weapons, projectiles or devices.

(Sound Systems) In order to prevent undue sound transmission between Units, no stereo speakers are to be affixed on or placed adjacent to commons walls.

 Pets. Only household pets shall be permitted to be maintained on the Premises. No more than two cats, or one dog, or one dog and one cat, per Unit shall be permitted. No animal may be kept or bred for any commercial purpose and shall have such care and restraint so as not to be obnoxious or offensive on account of noise, odor or unsanitary conditions. No animal may be permitted to run loose at any time upon the Common Elements and any animal shall at all times be leashed and attended by some responsible person while on the Common Elements, Limited or General. No savage or dangerous animal shall be kept and any Co-owner who causes any animal to be brought or kept upon the premises of the Condominium shall indemnify and hold harmless the Association for any loss, damage or liability which the Association may sustain as the result of the presence of such animal on the premises, whether or not the Association has given its permission therefor. Each Co-owner shall be responsible for collection and disposition of all fecal matter deposited by any pet maintained by such Co-owner. No pet shall be permitted to be tethered on the Common Elements. No dog which barks and can be heard on any frequent or continuing basis shall be kept in any Unit or on the Common Elements. The Association may charge all Co-owners maintaining animals a reasonable additional assessment to be collected in the manner provided in Article II of these Bylaws in the event that the Association determines such assessment necessary to defray the maintenance cost to the Association of accommodating animals within the Condominium. The Association may, without liability to the owner thereof, remove or cause to be removed any animal from the Condominium which it determines to be in violation of the restrictions imposed by this Section. The Association shall have the right to require that any pets be registered with it and may adopt such additional reasonable rules and regulations with respect to animals as it may deem proper. In the event of any violation of this Section, the Board of Directors of the Association may assess fines for such violation in accordance with these Bylaws and in accordance with duly adopted rules and regulations. (See also City of East Lansing ordinances.)

Aesthetics. The Common Elements, Limited or General shall not be used for storage of supplies, materials, personal property or trash or refuse of any kind, except as provided in duly adopted rules and regulations of the Association.

Garage doors shall be kept closed at all times except as may be reasonably necessary to gain access to or from any garage.

Patios: No unsightly condition shall be maintained on any patio, porch or deck and only furniture and equipment consistent with the normal and reasonable use of such areas shall be permitted to remain there during seasons when such areas are reasonably in use and no furniture or equipment of any kind shall be stored thereon during seasons when such areas are not reasonably in use.

Trash receptacles shall be maintained in areas designated therefor at all times and shall not be permitted to remain elsewhere on the Common Elements except for such short periods of time as may be reasonably necessary to permit periodic collection of trash. (NOTE: The Association has yet to define "areas designated therefor".)

(Laundry) The Common Elements shall not be used in any way for the drying, shaking or airing of clothing or other fabrics.

Window Treatments: All portions of window treatments including, but not limited to, curtains, drapes, blinds and shades, visible from the exterior of any Unit shall be made of or lined with material which is white or off­ white in color. Other activities

Other Activities: In general, no activity shall be carried on nor condition maintained by a Co-owner, either in his Unit or upon the Common Elements, which is detrimental to the appearance of the Condominium.

(Storage) Notwithstanding anything herein to the contrary, each Co-owner may store personal property owned by that Co-owner or those residing with that Co-owner in the Limited Common Element parking spaces in each garage appurtenant to that Co-owner's Unit, provided that (i) storage of any items of personalty for commercial or industrial purposes or business uses is prohibited; (ii) storage of any item of personalty which would violate any building, health, safety or fire code or ordinance, or cause the insurance premiums for the Unit or the Condominium to increase is prohibited; and (iii) such storage shall remain subject to all other restrictions contained herein, including the garage door closure provision hereof.

Washing of vehicles which are owned by a Co-owner or those residing with that Co-owner shall be permitted by these Bylaws in the driveways, provided the Association shall have the right to establish reasonable rules and regulations for such washing, including the time and manner thereof.

Vehicles. No house trailers, commercial vehicles, boat trailers, boats (including personal water craft), camping vehicles, camping trailers, motorcycles, all terrain vehicles, snowmobiles, snowmobile trailers or vehicles, other than automobiles or vehicles used primarily for general personal transportation use, may be parked or stored upon the premises of the Condominium, unless parked in the garage with the door closed. No inoperable vehicles of any type may be brought or stored upon the Condominium Premises either temporarily or permanently. Commercial vehicles and trucks shall not be parked in or about the Condominium (except as above provided) unless while making deliveries or pickups in the normal course of business. Co-owners shall, if the Association shall require, register with the Association all cars maintained on the Condominium Premises. Use of motorized vehicles anywhere on the Condominium Premises, other than on the roads and driveways, is absolutely prohibited.

Overnight parking on any street in the Condominium shall be regulated by the City of East Lansing and/or rules and regulations of the Association. The Association shall have the right to place or cause to be placed adhesive windshield stickers on cars improperly parked and may also enable private towing of improperly parked vehicles to off-premises locations, all without any liability on the part of the Association to the owners or user of any such improperly parked vehicles.

Advertising. No signs (other than political signs and Developer's signs and advertisements) or other advertising devices of any kind shall be displayed which are visible from the exterior of a Unit or on the Common Elements, including "For Sale" signs, without written permission from the Association.

Right of Access of Association. The Association or its duly authorized agents shall have access to each Unit and any Limited Common Elements appurtenant thereto from time to time, during reasonable working hours, upon notice to the Co-owner thereof, as may be necessary for the maintenance, repair or replacement of any of the Common Elements. The Association or its agents shall also have access to each Unit and any Limited Common Elements appurtenant thereto at all times without notice as may be necessary to make emergency repairs to prevent damage to the Common Elements or to another Unit.  It shall be the responsibility of each Co-owner to provide the Association means of access to his Unit and any Limited Common Elements appurtenant thereto during all periods of absence, and in the event of the failure of such Co-owner to provide means of access, the Association may gain access in such manner as may be reasonable under the circumstances and shall not be liable to such Co-owner for any necessary damage to his Unit and any Limited Common Elements appurtenant thereto caused thereby or for repair or replacement of any doors or windows damaged in gaining such access.

Landscaping. No Co-owner shall perform any landscaping or plant any trees, shrubs or flowers or place any ornamental materials upon the Common Elements without the prior written approval of the Association, in which case the Co-owner making the request shall bear the expense of any additional maintenance that may be incurred by the Association.

Common Element Maintenance. Sidewalks, yards, landscaped areas, driveways, roads, and parking areas, shall not be obstructed nor shall they be used for purposes other than for which they are reasonably and obviously intended. No bicycles, vehicles, chairs or other obstructions may be left unattended on or about the Common Elements. Use of recreational facilities, if any, in the Condominium may be limited to such times and in such manner as the Association shall determine by duly adopted rules and regulations.

Co-owner Maintenance. Each Co-owner shall maintain his Unit and any Limited Common Elements appurtenant thereto for which he has maintenance responsibility in a safe, clean and sanitary condition. Each Co-owner shall also use due care to avoid damaging any of the Common Elements including, but not limited to, the telephone, water, gas, plumbing, electrical or other utility conduits and systems and any other elements in any Unit which are appurtenant to or which may affect any other Unit. Each Co-owner shall be responsible for damages or costs to the Association resulting from negligent damage to or misuse of any of the Common Elements by him, or his family, guests, agents or invitees, unless such damages or costs are covered by insurance carried by the Association (in which case there shall be no such responsibility, unless reimbursement to the Association is excluded by virtue of a deductible provision, in which case the responsible Co-owner shall bear the expense to the extent of the deductible amount). Any costs or damages to the Association may be assessed to and collected from the responsible Co-owner in the manner provided in Article II hereof.

Basketball Poles. No portable basketball poles shall be permitted on the Condominium Premises.

Jacuzzies and Hot Tubs. No outdoor jacuzzies or hot tubs shall be permitted on the Condominium Premises.


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