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The G-Ys

As well as linking to the sketchy and disreputable G-Y family history, this page links to personal, frivolous and commercial web sites which (to any sane thinker) have no mutual connections, other than in representing the voices of individual G-Y family members, who alone are likely to find them of interest.

The Graham-Yoolls are a Scots family, established in the hyphenated form in the 19th century. Now scattered around the globe and intermarried with other bloods, the family's Scottish ties are for many members no longer significant. This web site does no more than provide a collection point of the web sites of individual family members and a brief and incomplete history of this small clan.


Some Richard G-Y sites:

Crumbs from Heaven

The Coherent Church

A Foreign Policy




Betty G-Y

G-Y family and history

Graham-Yooll history