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A Foreign Policy - Synopsis

A colleague is brutally murdered and a suicide bomber apparently comes back to life. Yet this is only the start of insurance executive Guy Sinclair's business trip to Saudi Arabia. After police arrest him for the crime he did not commit, evidence against him accumulates, and he faces beheading.

With Saudi Arabia fighting internal unrest, the US government believes the execution of an American may help win popularity for the beleaguered regime.

Kamila, an attractive Arab-American academic conducting her own political investigation into the funding of Saudi insurgency, becomes convinced of Sinclair’s innocence and plots his escape. Though suspecting her of a terrorist connection, he soon has no choice but to accept her help.  Saudi Arabia is erupting into revolution as he and Kamila race to a border which is about to close.

Pursued by the FBI, the CIA and a powerful financial network based in London, they follow a trail which leads uncomfortably close to home, bringing a deadly threat to Sinclair's family.



The prosaic world of corporate insurance is transformed into a nightmare of intrigue when an American executive becomes entangled in an international conspiracy.

The story is set in Boston, London and the Middle East and the time is the near future. Saudi Arabia is undergoing tremors of unrest, but a US administration, comfortable with the status quo, wants no change. A respected British insurance group sponsors insurgency and condones terrorism while laundering money around the world.

In the sub-plot, the CEO of Sinclair's company has embezzle several million dollars of reinsurance premium but is foiled in his attempt cover up the theft after increasing hurricane risk in the Atlantic threatens to make the US east coast uninsurable.

Check out link below for more background details, including notes on the history of Saudi Arabia,
 international insurance markets, Lloyds of London, Palestinian Christians and more:



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