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"A FOREIGN POLICY is a taut and dynamic thriller full of twists, turns, murder, and mayhem. Who would've thought that the insurance business could be so exciting--or so deadly! Graham-Yooll does a great job of creating interesting and compelling characters and his dialogue is fast-paced and innovative. A FOREIGN POLICY grabs the reader from the very first chapter and just does not let go. If you are a fan of Clancy and Ludlum or even the kind of person who can't miss an episode of "24," then A FOREIGN POLICY is the book for you."  
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Beverly Forehand
Roundtable Reviews

"If “smart” fiction is the hot seller these days, Richard Graham-Yooll has the formula for success. . . .  A Foreign Policy was a terrific read written by a writer who knows how to both tell a story and write well." 

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Jennifer Brown
TCM Reviews

" . . . a very quick paced and ambitious novel. Graham-Yooll effectively works many threads, while at the same time he has skillfully created a cast of fascinating characters, each interconnecting to form pieces of a huge puzzle that keeps us on edge until the final scenes."   
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Norm Goldman


"Visitors to Bookviews.com know I generally do not include paperbacks simply because there are so many of them, but this debut thriller is a classic page-turner." read full review

Alan Caruba



"A Foreign Policy is a fresh, and frightening, look at international intrigue by a writer who is a rising star in the field."

Ben Bova
best-selling novelist


"A classic page turner!  Policy begins with a bang and picks up exhilarating speed as our less-than-perfect hero, Guy Sinclair, is plunged into the terrifying world of international terrorism, revolution and corrupt insurance. This intriguing thriller gathers momentum towards a gripping culmination that reveals savvy insight into the hypocrisies of foreign policy and secret agendas in an unstable post 9/11 world."

Martin Lockley
Professor, University of Colorado at Denver




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