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Willis Crumb, Coherent Monk

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Crumb's Fable of the Week
-  one of Crumb's light-hearted (or dark-hearted) stories.

Tuscan Retreat

An autobiographical memoir of a Tuscan vacation


There has been little comment among the scientific community on the easily observable fact that intelligence is an attribute with which non-English speaking people are only modestly endowed.

I waved our passports in front of the rental agent to remind her we were citizens of the United States of America. Flipping mine open, I pointed to my name, Willis C. Crumb, hoping it might be familiar. As a published novelist, I am not unknown in educated circles. From her blank reaction, I saw I was dealing with a semi-literate.

“We want to rentare un auto,” I said again. I took care to speak slowly and loudly in the hope my works would penetrate a lesser brain. I was not in a good mood.

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The Crumb Papers:
(Including briefings for the President of the United States - -some may be classified.)

"Global Warming -
Background to a Myth"

"Missile Defense -
Our Path to World Domination"

"Fossil Fuels -
Fertilizer for Our Future." 



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