The Willis Crumb Fact Sheet

Name: Willis C. Crumb
(Full Name: Willis Albertson Courtney-Crumb)
Occupations:  Theologian, Scientist, Raconteur,  Novelist
Born:  Yes
Sex:  Yes
Married:  Yes
Favorite Hobby:  Philandering ("Come and see my stamp collection")
Best friend and confidant:   George W. Bush Jr. *
Education: Clifton and Balliol, Oxford -  D. Phil
(ABD)*  in Sound Science*
Doctoral Thesis:  "The Global Warming Fallacy" *
*  (See Notes)
Motto:   "There are no Crumbs without a loaf."
Favorite Vehicle:
  SUV (with flag attached)
Sports: Snooker, Shove Ha'penny
Religion Coherent
Political Affiliation:  Republican
4ft 8ins  Weight:  322 lbs (23 stone)
Boston, Massachusetts
Languages: English (fluent), Italian (limited)
Favorite Beer: Buschwiser

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G.W. Bush --
Republican runner-up in the 2000 Presidential Election.  Subsequently appointed President by the US Supreme Court on the argument that he qualified under American Law because of his intelligence.  Click the American Law link  for details of the act under which he qualified.  (In  explaining the Court's extraordinary decision, Chief Justice Rehnquist commented,  "A man who is so pitifully endowed intellectually as well as devoid of any moral comprehension must be given special consideration."

ABD --   "All But Dissertation" or "Almost But not a Doctor."

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