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Global Warming -
Background to a Myth

by Willis C. Crumb

Anyone who puts his foot in the water off the coast of Maine knows that it is cold.  Yet some of our so-called scientists claim the oceans are warming as part of a global climate change.  We do not need scientists to tell us that this is patently nonsensical. 

What turns a ridiculous theory into a shameful libel, however, is the contention that the so-called "global warming" is caused not only by human activities around the world, but disproportionately by those in the United States.  This is un-American, unpatriotic and subversive and anyone caught promulgating such a thesis should be prosecuted to the full extent of both our civil and our newly enhanced criminal law. Ideas like this harm not only our national interest but particularly the interests of those who, like our oil industry, who have proved to be most loyal supporters of our President.

Fortunately the entire thesis is easy to disprove.  Because an increase in world temperatures in the early part of the twentieth century could not be proven to have a direct relationship to carbon dioxide output, we know that there can be no such link today.  Climate changes, as we all know, are cyclical and thus cannot logically be related to human energy consumption.  As for the rumors of rising sea levels, my own research, sponsored by the Florida Real Estate Association, proves that there is no truth whatsoever in the belief that the melting Antarctic icecap could have any effect whatsoever sea level. This is why I recommend to the President


By order of the president of the United states, effective