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Bishop Revere, Founder, Leader and Immortal Father of the Coherent Church, has taught us that through sexual abstinence, careful diet and meditation we can all aspire, like him, to bodily immortality.

For some followers our Leader's present state of impaired immortality has been cause for concern. While this condition has perplexed many Coherent theologians, the conclusion is that it is a only a temporary state and his most recent portrait is, therefore, theologically misleading. As soon as his anticipated resurrection takes place, we will replace the portrait below with an updated photograph.

Meanwhile, watch closely and you may see him wink -- proof enough of immortality!




Cass Revere, a former evangelical minister, experienced his coherent revelation while lying on Miami's South Beach where he spent the night when unable to find his way back to his hotel. Granted a unique vision of the universe and of the meaning of life and death, he gave up all to preach his new gospel of immortality. Convincing his followers to surrender their wealth to him, he used the funds to buy 1,200 acres of land on the west coast of Florida where he established the Coherent Church. Appointing himself Bishop, he  became the beloved leader of the Church, leading missions to spread his teaching around the globe.

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To hear the Immortal Father, click on his skeleton:


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