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The village of Broadchalke, Wilts.


Born in 1914, Betty Graham-Yooll 's life encompassed war on a scale we hope never to see again and societal changes that are hard now to conceive.  She lived in Salisbury, Pembroke and Broadchalke, but it was in her last home in the small Wiltshire village that poetry, always part of her life, became a passion.

Her writing interests were not confined to poetry alone. During her busy days as a doctor's wife, she squeezed in time to write short stories and in her later years she worked on an autobiography which she never quite completed.

On this web site we have focused on her poetry, but included a few shorter samples of her writing, her writings on Palestine and her biographical note on William Beckford, the 18th century Wiltshire writer and dilettante in whom she became so fascinated.  Her Biography provides an explanatory account of her life, while for a more personal insight we've included a cousin's Memoir.


UPDATE - Tough family news:
On  April 1, 2011, Charlie, the 2 year old son of John and Abigail (nee Graham-Yooll) Waller was diagnosed with a pontine glioma -- the grimmest of all brain stem cancers. Details and latest updates on


 Village Chapel
URC Chapel, Broadchalke

All Saints Church, Broadchalke

All Saints Church, Broadchalke

The Queens Head Pub
Queens Head pub, Broadchalke




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William Beckford

Tuscany Birthday

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